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On Safari in South Africa

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Cape Town & Wildlife Highlights of Southern Africa

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Your Lion in Londolozi

A young lion in the Londolozi Reserve, famous for it's cat sightings.

South Africa’s Diversity

South Africa is an incredible destination - it is the kind of destination that touches all of your senses in a myriad of ways, and changes your outlook and perspective. The incredible diversity is a key attraction - from the deserts of the Kgalagadi to the lush green forests of Tsitsikamma, to the unspoilt beaches of the Wild Coast, to the vibrant nightlife of Cape Town. One moment you are exploring the origins of ancient man, and the next you're cage-diving with great white sharks and the next you're drinking traditional beer in a lively township shebeen. Of course there are the parks and reserves where you can explore wildlife on safari. South Africa is also the origin of some of the finest wine and the rolling hills of wine country are not just beautiful destinations for wine tastings, but also a delectable foodie destination.

Wildlife Safaris

South Africa offers unique ways to experience its the diversity of its wildlife. In addition to the standard safari drives, here you can go on elephant walks, bush hikes, crockadile and shark dives and more. South Africa is the proud home, not of the “Big Five” - elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino, but of the “Big Seven” – adding the great white shark and southern right whale.

Rainbow Nation of South Africa

Emeritus Desmond Tutu first used this phrase to capture the multicultural nature of South Africa. The country is called home by a wide range of people, all with different backgrounds, heritage, culture and history. The San Bushmen can claim their status as the original inhabitants of the region through the ancient rock art found in the Northern Cape. As of the 18th century South Africa had drawn migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, the Netherlands, Britain, France, India, China and many other countries around the world, each bringing their own culture and tradition with them.

Looking To The Future

For almost 350 years South Africa was defined by clashes and racial oppression until 1994, when the first democratic elections resulted in a change that brought about the pride South Africans have today in their Rainbow Nation culture. South Africa may have come from a past filled with separation and struggle but they embrace their future as one of unity and possibility.

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