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Sierra Leone coast line

Sierra Leone boasts some of the most varied beaches found within one country.

The Contrast Of Sierra Leone

From the wing flash of an emerald startling, to the shouts of the star-fruit seller in the market, to the salty fur of the ocean, Sierra Leone gleams with life, brilliance and the pain of a post war nation. But Sierra Leone also has a love of life and a determination to come out of its war torn past and make something of itself. Young rappers sing of their love of peace, nature-lovers strive to protect rare species, fashion designers pioneer African twists on the world of couture and campaigners agitate for their version of justice. In short, Sierra Leon is vibrant, unique and warmly welcoming.


Sierra Leone offers travelers a historic journey. Islands steeped in history dot the coast and tell stories of the slave trade. Not only did these islands serve as a prime location from which to transport captured slaves to Europe and the Americas, they later became the bases from which illegal slave ships were intercepted. The capital city of Freetown was founded in hope by freed slaves. Everywhere you find relics of the past and a people working for the future.


Exotic wildlife and plant life, mountains and natural beauty are everywhere in Sierra Leone. Travel through the country and you will find lush green forest that spill down hillsides to meet sandy beaches and tropical rain forest inhabited by rare and endangered species of monkeys, baboons, birds, butterflies and a wide variety of antelope and buffalo families.


Travel from the northernmost tip of Sierra Leone’s coast to the southernmost cay and you will find beaches that are stunning and wild. Each beach has a character and style of its own, from the color of the sand to the quality of the waves. The sandy stretch is broken only by the coastal villages whose atmosphere and personalities are as varied as the sands that surround them.

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Some of this copy was originally found in the Bradt Guide and used because we were touched with the beauty of the language

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