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Our Chagga Village Program

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Chagga Song and Dance

Chagga Song and Dance was once a dying tradition. Another Land together with village elders and leaders are working to revive it into a thriving part of community life.

The People of Kilimanjaro

Another Land's authentic travel program with two Chagga villages is our longest running Tanzania cultural tour program. The Chagga are from the lower slopes of Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro and its misty cloud cover provides the land of the Chagga with dense vegetation, fertile soil and numerous waterfalls. The Chagga are a Bantu, agricultural tribe and culture, who are known for their banana beer, folklore, blacksmithing and elaborate, 200-year-old, underground war tunnels from the Chagga - Maasai war. Travelers tour the village on average 1 to 4 days immersed in authentic Chagga culture.

Perks for Kilimanjaro Climbers

A stay in the Chagga villages is perfect for Mt. Kilimanjaro climbers, because the villages are about 7,000 feet above sea level. By staying with the Chagga tribe before their Kilimanjaro climb, climbers are not only having a memorable experience, they are also pre-acclimatizing to Kilimanjaro's altitude. After a long flight to Africa, the Chagga village stay is also useful for re-hydrating and recovering from jet-lag before the climb. Our climbers who stay in the Chagga village at least one day before their Kilimanjaro climb have a remarkably better and healthier experience on "Kili."

Discover by Doing with the Chagga

* Walking tour of the villages
* Brewing banana beer
* Traditional cooking
* Medicinal healing
* Batiking
* Banana fiber art
* Chagga white-wood carving
* Blacksmithing
* Storytelling
* Homestays
* Chagga song and dance
* Any other spontaneous village activity

Benefits to the Chagga Village

A significant portion of proceeds from each traveler's trip goes towards the community development of the villages. Chagga projects paid for by proceeds of past trips include school fees for orphans, housing and community electricity and communication services.

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"With Another Land, we were so fortunate to go beyond the fabulous safari adventure, we were able to connect with the Chagga people and experience parts of their lives--carving, blacksmithing, dancing, brewing banana beer--incredible experiences all. They were such gracious hosts!"
Sonja A.- Eden Prairie, MN
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