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Our Buganda Village Program

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Buganda Musicians

Everyone joins in the music making regardless of age, gender or talent!

The Last Royal Musicians

Another Land began its authentic African cultural programs in Uganda with Nichole Smaglick's music teacher, Albert Ssempeke. Albert is one of the last remaining royal court musicians of the Bugandan kingdom. This is a rapidly dying tradition and knowledge that will probably fade to history books when he and his brothers die. This is analogous to symphonic orchestras dying. He is a great storyteller and it is a wonderful treat to return with Albert to the palace to see where he lived and worked and to hear his stories. His village is permeated with music and Albert is the big cat in town. Travelers spend 1 to 3 days in the village while touring and may choose to camp or stay in a hotel in Kampala.

The Kingdom

Either before or after a stay in the village, travelers may visit other Bugandan kingdom historical sites, such as numerous tombs, coronation sites and Bugandan parliament. These sites demonstrate the architectural style and granduer of the Baganda.

Discover by Doing with the Baganda

* Traditional Bugandan music
* Bugandan Dance
* Traditional cooking
* Walking Tour of the village
* Instrument Building (drums, xylophones, fiddles, lyres and more)
* Homestays
* Beer brewing
* Storytelling
* Agriculture / farming
* Making Bark Cloth
* Any other spontaneous village activity

Benefits to the Buganda Village

A significant portion of proceeds from each traveler's trip goes towards the community development of the villages. Projects paid for by proceeds of past trips include preservation of Bugandan music through youth education, soccer equipment for the village team, and new roofing on the village primary school.

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