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Our Barabaig Village Program

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Rift Valley Rainmakers and the Serengeti Friends on Safari with the Barabaig

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Barabaig girls

These Barabaig girls chat in the Barabaig village.

The Rainmakers

This is our newest program and truly amazing! Most other Tanzanians don't even know that the Barabaig exist. The Barabaig are Nilo-cushitic, patrilineal, polygamous herders and are known as the feared rival of the Maasai. The Barabaig clan we work with has the power to summon rain through shamans and dance. Besides respected rainmakers, the village is also home to traditional medicinal healers. This is the most remote of our village tours and travelers must spend a minimum of 3 nights in the village. Two standards of mobile camping are available. A maximum of 45 visitors per year is allowed.

Walking Safari Program

Visitors may go on a walking safari with the Barabaig warriors. Before the safari, the village elders and warriors will meet to discuss where the warrior should take the travelers for the best wildlife viewing.

The Amias Jewelry Project

We mobilized over 50 traditional Barabaig women and men to design authentic jewelry, handbags and beaded shawls that are inspired by their local Barabaig fashion. The goal of the project is to help disenfranchised Barabaig not only earn a sustainable income, but also learn valuable skills that will useful throughout their lifetimes in Tanzania. To learn more, please visit our Amias Project website.

Discover by Doing with the Barabaig

* Dances for unmarried boys and girls
* Female rain dances and dance for newly married women (women only)
* Traditional cooking
* Medicinal healing
* Rain Ceremony
* Beadwork
* Hunting dik-dik with spears
* Brewing honeybeer
* Blacksmithing Barabaig jewelry
* Hiking along the edge of the rift valley with the warriors
* Climbing Mt. Hanang with the warriors
* Walking safari with the warriors
* Any other spontaneous village activity

Benefits to the Barabaig Village

The Barabaig live in a region that has very little water. Thus, the need for a Rainmaker. During the dry seasons, Barabaig women walk all day long to collect water.

The Barabaig village is using proceeds from our program to solve their water needs and to build a school.

You can also assist the Barabaig through our fair trade Amias project and have a beautiful handbag, piece of jewelry or beaded shawl too! See our Amias Project website for more information.

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