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Recommended Resources

Here is a short list of some of our preferred African news, safari travel products and information resources:

African Safari Journals

African Safari Journals rates safari companies based on actual traveler reviews.

Boedus Travel Blog provides tips and destination information for all travelers.

Spectrum Travel Guides are what we feel are the best guidebooks for the discerning traveler. While some guidebooks focus more on the backpacker traveler who needs to know about local bus routes, Spectrum Travel Guides provide excellent background information on a destination and on what to see and do, rather than focusing on how to get from one place to another. They are published and written in Nairobi, Kenya with the editors and staff having an in-depth knowledge of Africa and Indian Ocean countries. Some books may be hard to find on the shelves in the states, but many bookstores can order them for you.

Bradt Travel Guides are a good alternative to the Spectrum Travel Guides. Again, these guidebooks are more for the traveler who is pre-arranging their trip with a safari operator rather than for backpacking travelers who need more logistical information.

Exofficio is a line of quality travel clothes and accessories.

AllAfrica is a multi-media content service provider, systems technology developer and the largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. Registered in Mauritius, with offices in Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos and Washington, D.C., AllAfrica is one of a family of companies that aggregate, produce and distribute news from across Africa to tens of millions of end users.

AfricaNews is an online media company running an international, interactive and multimedia platform, with a particular focus on Africa.

Africam is a website of wildlife webcams. Six of their cams are in South Africa, Tanzania and Egypt.

Volunteer 4 Africa is a non-profit organization that disseminates information about volunteer opportunities and responsible travel, as well as the wish lists of host organizations and charities in Africa. is a travel directory that helps travelers find guides and services in countries throughout the world.