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Honeyguide Newsletters: Summer 2005

Nichole on Camera

Nichole heads into the far reaches of Uganda to field produce a new documentary.

The Honeyguide: Summer 2005
Another Land's Email Update on East African Wildlife and Culture

In East Africa right now, it's the cool and dry season, forcing the herds to migrate to where they can find ample water; in much of North America, it's hot and/or humid, and we have fled to wherever there is air conditioning. At Another Land, however, we move through so many time zones and ecosystems, we often don't know the hour or the temperature. But we can always tell you the news, so read on for some of the summer highlights.

Into the Lands of the IK: Another Land Leads Documentary Expedition

Besides a summer of unforgettable adventures and safaris, Another Land has embarked on another African film project. This time, our co-founder and president, Nichole Smaglick, will head into the far reaches of Northern Uganda to field produce a documentary about the Ik people. The remote and nomadic Ugandan tribe has long lived in some of Africa's harshest conditions, and they gained notoriety, and perhaps undeserved infamy, with the publication of "The Mountain People" by anthropologist Colin Turnbull in 1972. Reading that biting and biased account inspired independent New York filmmaker and producer, Cevin Solig, to explore how the Ik truly live today and to give them a chance to tell their own story. Now he is off to Uganda along with Nichole, a veteran cameraman, and a hardy and rugged crew for a three-week expedition and shoot in August.

Group Chagga children

Ultimate October Safaris Await You

Another Land guides will head up two Ultimate Tanzania safaris in October 2005. Rift Valley Rainmakers and the Serengeti has become so popular that it will get a second 2005 run, October 5-15. The 11-day luxury adventure includes a northern game reserve safari and a rare visit in the Barabaig lands of central Tanzania just when the Rainmaker himself gains some popularity with the welcoming of the short rainy season. The trip also offers an extension, Livingstone and the Swahili Coast, to a historic Swahili town and to one of the few national parks that borders the magnificent Indian Ocean.

Over that same October stretch, we will guide a comparable adventure with the Peace House Foundation, a nonprofit that works with children and orphans in Tanzania near Mt. Kilimanjaro. Getting a truly hands-on and moving experience, travelers will interact and volunteer with Peace House's youth programs in the area. Other trip highlights include a stay at an eco-lodge near a Masaai village, a northern safari, and a one-of-a-kind cultural program with the Chagga people on the slopes of Africa's biggest mountain. Learn how to brew banana beer and join a group of women elders in a traditional Chagga dance! For itineraries and applications to reserve your spot on either Ultimate trip, contact Another Land now.

Anna and Amias: A Perfect Match

Another Land is proud to announce that Anna Carlson recently joined the company, heading up the exciting Amias Project as its sales and marketing manager. She offers a wealth of experience and an inspiring vision for the handbag and jewelry project as it approaches its one-year anniversary. Contact her at or at 1-888-334-7559 for information on upcoming Amias parties and events near you. For a limited time, you can also host your own private Amias party.

Bag bw color 2

G8 Summit: Africa Debt Relief

After years of grassroots campaigns for debt relief in Africa, some of the world's leaders have finally begun to open their minds to easing many African nations' large and unjust debts incurred since the early post-colonial years. Meeting July 6-9 in Scotland, the G8 countries have put Africa and the developing world on the top of their agenda, in part, due to the efforts of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In early July, Live 8 benefit concerts in ten cities around the world also raised millions of dollars in aid to Africa. After the summits and the concerts, Africa will likely fade from the international headlines again, but the campaign for true compassion and economic growth will go on. (Good-bye for now).

About The Honeyguide

The Honeyguide - a monthly email newsletter - is named after the Greater Honey Guide, a bird that has developed the remarkable habit of leading tribespeople to wild bees' nests, with the promise of honeycomb and grubs once the humans have opened the nest and taken the honey. The complementary relationship shared by bird and human represents the newsletter's goal - to periodically lead readers to new and timely bits of information about East African wildlife, culture, and travel.

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