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Honeyguide Newsletters: Spring 2005

Bela Fleck Banjo Jam: Another Land leads film and CD expedition

Bela Fleck shares a musical moment with Haruna Walusimbi.

The Honeyguide: Spring 2005
Another Land's Email Update on East African Wildlife and Culture

With another music and film expedition underneath our belts (see Banjo Jam below), we're looking forward to a summer and a full year of safaris throughout Africa. The East African tourism industry is expanding and evolving, and it will be an exciting year for travel. This Honeyguide will give you a taste of what's cooking right now.

Bela Fleck Banjo Jam: Another Land Leads Film and CD Expedition

Nichole Smaglick, president and co-founder of Another Land, has just wrapped up a six-week film and music expedition with banjo playing extraordinaire, Bela Fleck. Smaglick led Fleck, along with a production and film crew, through Uganda and Tanzania where he jammed and collaborated with traditional African musicians. Four years ago, she had originally inspired the Grammy award-winning musician to travel to Africa for such an expedition as an offshoot of Another Land's cultural programs. From the interior villages of Uganda to the Swahili coastal town of Bagamoyo, Bela Fleck strummed his banjo alongside the percussions and guitar playing of the great Gogo and Busoga artists of East Africa. Some of the recordings will be on a CD to be released by Sony Music and a film crew captured footage for a short documentary about the expedition. Fleck and company, who moved on to Senegal and Mali for a similar expedition, called the recordings and his experience with Another Land outstanding successes.

Little Lemur

Hurry! Final Call for Ultimate Summer Safaris

We still have limited spaces open for our Ultimate trips in June and July. The African adventure you have always dreamed about begins in a few short months. You will be filled with wonder in experiencing the cultural and biological diversity between Rainmakers and the Serengeti, June 8-18, and Lemurs and Moonlight Safaris in Madagascar, June 22-July 2 and July 2-7. Nichole Smaglick will lead both luxury safaris, so give us a call (1-888-334-7559) to reserve your spot today.

New Luxury Eco-Lodges Open in Tanzania

A new line of luxury lodges, Elewana, has officially opened its doors at three sites in Northern Tanzania: Arusha Coffee Lodge, Serengeti Migration Camp, and Tarangire Treetops. For those who truly want to indulge on an eco-tour, the lodges offer supreme comfort in extraordinary surroundings with sweeping natural and artistic beauty. We'll be happy to stay with you at Elewana for any of our Ultimate or custom designed safaris.

Elewana Camps

Cattle Bag

Amias Celebrations Ahead, New Bag Unveiled

Spring and summer spells time for safari and celebration at Another Land and Amias. We have some brand new rustic cattle bags in vibrant spring and summer colors. There are only 30 funky new bags available at this time. They'll be available at some of our upcoming events in April and May. As always, we will keep you posted. Kwaheri. (Good-bye for now).

About The Honeyguide

The Honeyguide - a monthly email newsletter - is named after the Greater Honey Guide, a bird that has developed the remarkable habit of leading tribespeople to wild bees' nests, with the promise of honeycomb and grubs once the humans have opened the nest and taken the honey. The complementary relationship shared by bird and human represents the newsletter's goal - to periodically lead readers to new and timely bits of information about East African wildlife, culture, and travel.

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