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About Africa


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Topographically rich African continent

The African continent's varied topography is one of the many factors that leads to its great wildlife diversity.

Africa Libraries

Explore our libraries to learn more about the many diverse options Africa has for the traveler. Also, we encourage you to call us so we can answer any of your Africa questions in greater detail.

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For stories, anecdotes and new travel opportunities, join our Honeyguide list. The Honeyguide - a monthly email newsletter - is named after the Greater Honeyguide, a bird that has developed the remarkable habit of leading tribespeople to wild bees’ nests, with the promise of honeycomb and grubs once the humans have opened the nest and taken the honey. The complementary relationship shared by bird and human represents the newsletter’s goal - to periodically lead readers to new and timely bits of information about East African wildlife, culture, and travel. Please view a few of our past newsletters!

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